Why start another f-ing blog?!?

Pure self-centeredness. I have been listening to Cast-On, my favorite podcast, above even Twit, and she convinced me to do this. Cast-On is a spectacular podcast with a knitting theme and Brenda Dayne, our beloved guide through this audio magazine mentioned two things that nudged me out of my general hatred of blogs for being overdone.

The first was a knitting exchange that works kinda like a secret santa thing. You sign up at http://secretpalseven.blogspot.com/ and they send your info to another knitter and send you the info for yet another knitter. From there, it works just like the secret santa thing except that you can send more than one gift. I don’t know much more but I wrote to the site owner just now and asked to sign up so I will keep you posted as to how that goes.

The second reason, I started this is for the Knitting Olympics, info for which can be found here http://knittingolympics.blogspot.com/ and I needed a place to post my gold medal that I am determined to win. I have comitted to knitting for team Wales even though I wanted to knit for either of the USA teams or the Sock team because none of those 3 blogs had any info about how to sign up for their teams and Team Wales did. Plus, I really like being on Brenda’s team so all is well. I originally pledged to knit my first pair of socks and my first pair of gloves because I knew I would probably be able to get them finished pretty easily. I then decided that since it is supposed to be a challenge, that doing just 2 small projects wasn’t a valid challenge. Therefore, I have up’d my pledge to 2 different pair of gloves and 3 diff pair of socks. That is 10 small pieces in 16 days. My goal is to do one piece a day and it gives me ample time to mess things up since this is my first attempt to make anything like this and I am sure I will do just that. Oh, I forgot to mention that during this time I will also be teaching a brand new knitter who isn’t quite sure if knitting uses 1 needle or 2 how to knit. Wish me luck, I really do feel like I have set up quite a challenge for myself. Next year, I plan to tackle a sweater!


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